06 Feb 2017

Best Apps for the Super Bowl 2017

The best apps for Super Bowl Sunday are…
1.) Fox Sports Go App – This is the best app to watch the game and does not require you to login with your cable info (it’s turned off for the big game). What is also really nice is that you’ll get to see all the commercials that air in our area and it’s FREE for iPhone and Android.
mobile-strike-app2.) Mobile Strike (Game) – This week President Trump took shots at Arnold Schwarzenegger over his performance on Celebrity Apprentice. In this commercial Schwarzenegger hits back by building a wall to defeat the enemy. Let’s watch here. The game is available for free on iPhone and Android with in-app purchases.
3. Budweiser Bud Bowl from the 90’s on Snapchat – Remember the the commercials from the 90’s in which Bud vs Bud Light battled each other on the field? Now you can play the game on Snapchat’s discovery panel. Rumor is Spuds Mackenzie is coming back as well.  Here’s the article that has a Snapchat clip of the game and here’s the YouTube video. Snapchat is available for free on iPhone and Android.
ford-pass-app4. FordPass App – The automotive maker is going big by spending $15 million for a 90 second spot right before kickoff to debut the new Ford app. The commercial highlights the ability to connect and stay mobile all through their new app. Here’s the YouTube video and article that explains more. The app is available for free on iPhone and Android.
5. Love for Sports – Looking for that special someone that likes the same sports as you? Now there is an app for that. Love for Sports just released on iTunes Monday, January 30, 2017, and helps you find that special teammate for all your sporting needs. They are introducing the app for only those in the Houston area just in time for the Super Bowl. Here is the link to their press release as well.
Bonus – The Google app has a new feature to find Super Bowl recipes that will be a hit at your party. Search for a recipe and they will give you added features to get you to some amazing recipe ideas. Here’s Google’s blog post that explains more.
These apps were shared on Fox 9 Morning News with Leah Beno February 5, 2017.