12 Mar 2017

Hot Apps of the Month March 2017 Are Woman Interrupted, Streetchange App, Bitesnap App, Hotline App and more

The Hot Apps of the Month are…
1. Woman Interrupted – In honor of International Women’s Day (Wednesday, March 8) I have found an app that many female friends said I need – an app that tracks how many times I interrupt them. Specifically, the app tracks how many times a male voice interrupts a female voice and records the data, not the conversation, to track progress. Available for free on iPhone and Android.
2. Streetchange – Homelessness is a serious problem for most cities and this app is helping to solve that. A homeless person registers with the app and receives a beacon. The app alerts you when someone with a beacon is close. You can donate $1 or more to their wishlist (socks, shirts, food, etc) and they pick up the items from their caseworker. This service is available in Philadelphia with plans to roll out to other cities soon. Available for free on iPhone and Android.

3. Bitesnap – Tired of entering into a journal everything you are eating that day to see if you are on your diet goal? Now there is an app where you take a photo and it will do the rest. The photo food journal is as easy as taking a photo and the app will track your calories, carbs, fat and protein. If you forget a meal, you can go back to “Forgotton meal” button to add later. Available for free on iPhone and Android.
4. Hotline – A new dating app that forces you to talk on the phone first (noooo.) In fact, the app will not allow you to message each other unless the call lasts more than 5 minutes. The new app is currently available in NYC and has plans to roll out soon. The app is available for iPhone and is a subscription of $9/month.
5. FBI Wanted – The new app by the FBI has information on the most wanted individuals in the US. Users can help “hunt” for criminals from their phone. Available for free on iPhone and Android.