30 Nov 2016

Over the last four years

We have managed over 350+ social media campaigns to help businesses engage, connect and convert into measurable goals. We have teamed up with talented people that have a proven track record to increase lead generation using optimized landing pages, Google Ad copy that works and PPC management to keep the costs down.

All of this doesn’t work if a website is not properly optimized to engage visitors to leave their contact information or call for consultation. Find out your website score by clicking here to get started. We can analyze the site’s strengths and areas for improvement. This is where the process begins.



Homepage has clear Calls-to-Action (CTA’s)

Homepage social media links

Easy-to-use navigation

Mobile friendly for all smartphone and tablet screen sizes

Search Engine Optimization pages

Google Analytics installed properly on all pages

Contact forms that deliver in real-time

Ability to download a white paper

Phone Number clearly available on all pages

Blog integration



Define your mission for your website. There are many websites that are pretty brochures. If that works then you’re ready to move onto step 2. If not, review your website scorecard for FREE to find out how it ranks. In fact, we recommend getting a report of 1-2 of your competitors for a comparison on how you are doing to help define the best strategy. The report includes a score for online visibility, social media, search engine optimization, lead generation and mobile optimization.


Once we have reviewed the current website and a competitors then we can put together a plan for moving forward. The idea is to offer an easy-to-use experience that engages visitors to leave their information and/or make a purchase now. The landing pages are important to delivering qualified leads. Provide meaningful content that offers the reader resources to be better off than before.


Now that the website development is completed, the next step is to drive qualified leads through your platform. Our team of lead generation experts have managed $4 million of online advertising in the last 12 months to deliver results that exceed expectations. Our ability to use A/B testing and depth of PPC management


When starting a new online project it can be intimidating on where to begin. Mash Digital Marketing team understands this process and works to make sure all your questions are answered and that your project has the tools to reach your goals. The first step is to call now at 612-388-9765 or click here to discuss your online digital needs today.